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Black history is a long story of ongoing struggles, systemic inequalities, social injustices and oppression. But more importantly, it illustrates generational strength, resourcefulness, drive, and resilience to rise above those constraints to pave a path towards equality, justice and liberation. 2020 brought these issues to the forefront and showcased to the world that these challenges still exist. Furthermore, the impact on Black communities is significant – in facing police brutality, racial health disparities and medical inaccessibility, small business instability and widening racial divide. 

In these historical (yet sadly familiar) conditions, Black individuals, families and businesses seek organizations they trust the most. Often, these are Black-led organizations created to meet the unmet needs of (their own) communities. In developing short and long-term solutions, BRIC helped to meet the needs of these organizations during the pandemic by providing immediate financial support to community-embedded Black-led and serving historically under-resourced organizations – an effort to avoid the collapse of these nonprofits and reinforce their ability to provide essential community services. BRIC connects with communities to ensure they have a foundation to grow and where the Black community members can lead with solutions – by Blacks, for Blacks, with Blacks – rooted in leadership, advocacy, philanthropy, and partnerships.

Core Values


BRIC supports the work of established organizations, grassroots programs and individuals doing extraordinary work in our community. We celebrate these efforts and urge others to follow in their footsteps.


Encouraging self-determination and autonomy in communities that have been systematically oppressed and denied equal distribution of wealth.


Transparent in priorities, action, process and feedback led by, for and with community.


All efforts unapologetically centered on Black leaders
and Black communities.


Our Mission

The mission of BRIC is to be a perpetual resource that supports the growth and sustainability of Black communities. To champion Blacks to invest in themselves and their communities, be a leading voice for change, and own their power of resilience. When done collectively, Black communities rise and thrive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand BRIC's footprint and volume, strengthen Black leadership and build the organizational capacity of Black-led and serving nonprofit organizations. As a flagship funding entity, BRIC seeks to develop our partnership networks (within and outside of Colorado), grow our programs, and increase donors and supporters. BRIC is progressive, innovative and, above all, collaborative in working alongside the Black community in addressing systemic racism.


Commitment Statement

To provide financial and other support resources to ensure Black-led and serving organizations are strong, sustainable and positively impacting the communities they serve. Thriving Black communities equal economic and social stability for everyone throughout Colorado.

Community Impact

In the first year of the fund, BRIC raised over $2 million.

The fund distributed over $1 million in grants to 62 community organizations.

Leadership and Advisory Committee

BRIC is led by LaDawn Sullivan and

a 10 member BRIC Advisory Committee.


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