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Here, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the BRIC Fund. We understand that you have questions about the BRIC Fund, and we are here to help.




If you need help finding the answers you are looking for, or have additional questions about the BRIC Fund, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are always happy to help and answer any of your questions!

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  • What is your relationship and how are you tied into The Denver Foundation?
    The BRIC Fund was established after the murder of George Floyd and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded by long-time Denver Foundation staff leader, LaDawn Sullivan, BRIC became an addition to the Foundation’s 20-plus year leadership and racial equity efforts. From June 2020 to August 2022, BRIC was a prioritized focus of LaDawn’s work with the Denver Foundation. In August 2022, BRIC became a fiscally sponsored project of The Denver Foundation – meaning BRIC has more autonomy, making decisions through its advisory board and executive director. The Foundation provides back office support and charitable tax status for donations made to BRIC. The Foundation has also annually invested resources in BRIC since 2020 and is committed to the mission and efforts of BRIC.
  • What are responsive grants?
    Responsive grants are the approved grants from a traditional request for proposals made by a foundation or fund. Typically, the requester provides guidelines and an application to be completed and submitted by a nonprofit (the responder). After a review process, the applicants are notified of the decision – approval or decline.
  • How often are BRIC grants awarded?
    As of January 2023, BRIC grants are awarded once a year, typically in mid-June.
  • Do you award grants outside of Colorado, and if not, do you plan to expand your efforts at some point?
    At this time, BRIC does not award grants outside of Colorado. We do not anticipate expanding geographic boundaries in the near future.
  • We are a new organization and don’t have all the information requested in the guidelines. Can we still apply?
    Incomplete applications will be declined. But, we do encourage that once the guidelines have been met that you apply. Please contact us at to talk specifically about your application and next steps.
  • What happens with my donation after it has been made, and how do I ensure it supports nonprofits and the community?
    Your donation is processed and a thank you/charitable deduction receipt will be sent to you via email or mail. Contributions can be earmarked to support programs implemented by nonprofits in the community or your donation can support any of BRIC’s operating expenses and programs.
  • Can you specify where (focus areas) your donation can go towards?
    Yes, though you cannot specifically request your donation support a specific nonprofit that BRIC supports. Donations will support community programs and services focused on – emerging needs, economic opportunities, health, housing, racial justice and youth.
  • Are there similar organizations in other states?
    Yes, BRIC was one of the first of a growing number of Black-focused funds and foundations across the country.
  • Does BRIC have any employment or volunteer opportunities?
    BRIC invites volunteers to help with its annual community gatherings. Also, BRIC has an all-volunteer advisory board. Interested? Please contact us at

Still have

Feel free to reach out to LaDawn Sullivan at or fill out the contact form on our Connect with Us page.

“Support from the BRIC Fund allows us the space to take bold action and move with the confidence that comes from community investment. In deep equitable partnership with our youth leaders and informed by stakeholder data, we dared to dream and began codesigning the framework for our current organizational upgrade. We are now in the phase of implementing and evaluating these changes, which will eventually offer a replicable model for operationalizing the principles of healing justice in the practice of transformational youth development. The support of the BRIC Fund lets us do the work that is vital, pressing, and led by youth who know their worth.”

~ Vanessa Roberts - EDCI Alum

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