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Tyrone Glover

BRIC Board Member

Tyrone Glover is the founder of Tyrone Glover Law, concentrating on civil rights, employment discrimination, personal injury, and criminal defense law. Throughout his legal career, Tyrone has developed extensive litigation experience and adeptly handled high-profile cases in federal and local courts. Throughout his legal career, Tyrone has achieved favorable case outcomes and verdicts in dozens of jury trials. Growing up in a family of social justice vanguards, Tyrone experienced and witnessed first-hand the struggles of his community. These injustices are the roots of Tyrone’s identity, activism, and career. There is an ever-present hope in a world filled with injustice and inequities, and Tyrone’s resolve to seek justice does not end at the courthouse but extends into the community. He is the former Denver Bar Association President, Sam Cary Bar Association President, NAACP Legal Redress Chair, and ACLU Legal Panel Chair. has been recognized by Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, the Colorado Law Alumni Board, and 5280 Lawyers as a distinguished top-rated trial attorney.

Tyrone Glover
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