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A Holiday Message from The BRIC Fund!

As 2022 comes to a close, I intentionally set aside time to reflect on the BRIC Fund – our community, our work, and our impact. Immediately I am filled with gratitude and humility. I am grateful for our many supporters who shared their 5T contributions, reflecting their passion and belief in BRIC’s vision to build strong Black communities in Colorado and beyond. Because of each of you, the BRIC Fund is one of the most recognized Black funds in the country. I remain humble and in awe of the scores of Colorado Black leaders who serve on the front lines to meet the needs of our community, fight for justice, equality and equity, and nurture our youth to ensure a strong, resilient future.

Since our ancestors were brought to America’s shores, we have fought for our freedom and the just-out-of-reach promise of full human rights, dignity and prosperity. The stifling clouds of slavery, Jim Crow, and redlining — and the blight of systemic racism that still looms — keeps us from our full promise and potential. But we become a stronger community by collectively facing those tragedies openly and honestly and working together as one.

Across the generations, Black people have shown profound moral courage and drive to shape our communities for the better. Today, WE lead across sectors and movements for change to strengthen and uplift each other, our communities and our nation.

This unwavering vision for positive change and growth was woven from history and binds us today. It is why BRIC is deeply committed to advancing equity, racial justice, and opportunities for Black communities to realize America’s promise. BRIC will work tirelessly to continue to provide resources and support Black-led and serving nonprofits, community leaders of color and coalition-building efforts that dismantle systemic racism and build equitable communities.

As 2023 begins, let us all recommit ourselves and invest our collective resources to reach that founding promise. Let us fight for the equity, opportunity, and dignity to which every Black community is due in equal measure. Let us carry forward the work to build Black communities in Colorado and beyond that are, in the divine words of the poet Amanda Gorman, “Bruised, but whole — benevolent, but bold, fierce, and free.“

In gratitude and solidarity,

LaDawn Sullivan

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