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THE BRIC LIST: 10 Ways to Respect Diversity in the Workplace

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce is vital to the success of any organization. Now more than ever, workspaces designed to support prospective insights and opportunities for all employees are guaranteed to improve internal and external relationships and innovation. Here are 10 tips to help improve your company's bottom line:

  1. Encourage employees to recognize appropriate words and actions.

  2. Be willing to listen.

  3. Broaden recruiting efforts and consider rewriting future job descriptions.

  4. Standardize the interview process.

  5. Don’t build fences; build bridges and collaborate with everyone.

  6. Embrace more “creating diverse culture” and less “accepting the comfortable culture.”

  7. Embrace larger pools of thought leadership.

  8. Seek speakers of diverse backgrounds to present at meetings.

  9. Ensure representation across all employee levels.

  10. Review how your company recognizes multicultural, religious, and informal holidays/election days.


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